Month 1: Amazon Prime and Prawns

The first thing to say is, I’m terrible at updating this blog. This is probably why I never kept a diary, but the gallery is up to date so that’s the important thing.

It has been almost exactly a month since we brought home the cats and right now, they are supposed to be enjoying a special treat of prawns for dinner. I had envisioned this being a wonderful moment of human providing cats with wonderful food for which they would run to our arms and be eternally grateful. In reality, we are now watching George batting said prawns around the flat whilst Betty follows him around eating them and Moo looks on from a distance in confusion, not touching or even sniffing her bowl.

I think we may have the only cats in the world who don’t like – nay, don’t UNDERSTAND – prawns. Sigh.

Last weekend, I finally dismantled their cage so they are now free-range cats. George has progressed really well, and is now at the point where he happily accepts tickles and strokes from both of us. Here he is, gazing out of the window at the world going by.


Moo has also done well, and will now approach us and sniff our hands as well as happily accepting treats, but we’re not quite at the contact stage yet. She’s a bit derpy, but she’s absolutely adorable.


Betty… well, she’s just happy to be here. We think. Our little resident black panther is still painfully shy and will run and hide any time she hears a noise. However, she is very playful and we’re hoping that with a bit more patience we’ll get her to warm up a bit too. As I write, she is sitting by my feet, totally relaxed, which in itself is pretty good for her.


For those of you reading this because you’re looking for advice on how to keep cats in a flat, I can safely say that it is perfectly fine… as long as you’re willing to put up with the occasional knocked-over ornament, noisy litter trays and trying not to let the cats out by accident when you come home.

Cats don’t require a lot of space, they will entertain themselves quite happily even without acres of land to roam. The important thing seems to be the number of climbable objects that you provide within their environment. Cats are (apparently) natural tree-dwellers in the wild, so they adore being up high and observing everything. I very much recommend this contraption – a mere £92 for 5 tiers of sturdy, cat-friendly terrain . I hear the good people at Amazon Prime are now able to put their children through university thanks to my cat-related custom throughout March… but at least these 3 are happy.


Tomorrow, we’ll be returning the cat cage to Celia Hammond and giving them an update. We’re hoping to have progressed George to lap-cat stage by the end of May, and Moo to perhaps head rub stage… With Betty, we will just be happy if she stops finding our socks terrifying. Patience is the key… patience and treats. But not prawns.

For now, good night…





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