Day 53: Has it really been 53 days?!

This morning I awoke to a little Moo face peering at me over the side of the bed. She quickly vanished when I caught her eye, only to reappear at the other side of the bed, paws on the duvet, little nose and big eyes gazing at me.


This has been a recurring theme for her over the past week or so. She seems to be confident enough now to come and look over the edge of the sofa or the bed or whatever we happen to be sitting/lying on – just to investigate. We are allowed to look back, but not touch. Not yet…

Moo also witnessed her first thunder/hail storm last week, which had her staring intently out of the window and letting out little excited chirrups every now and then. The thunder didn’t bother her at all – she just wanted to see what all the noise was!


Betty isn’t far behind – she also likes to come and sneak a peek when she thinks we aren’t looking. The feather wands are proving a great way to get her to come very close without her freaking out as she’s too busy plotting how to kill the dancing ‘bird’.


She is also a great fan of gazing out of the window, although she hasn’t quite got the hang of standing up on her back legs to get a really good view just yet… which is sort of hilarious for us. She’s extremely stretchy.


And then there’s George, who has the sweetest little personality and is turning into quite a chatty little man.


He has now learnt that head, tummy and cheek rubs are really just the greatest things ever and can’t quite believe that he has lived so long without them.


However – despite being totally fine to rub around our ankles – he is only really happy to receive contact when he’s in the cat tree or we’re about to feed him. In fact if you’re about to feed any of them, suddenly all phobias go out of the window… I can even *call* them over to eat now and will be greeted by 12 little paws scampering over. It’s wonderful.


This was me preparing their special Sunday chicken dinner; they are really not fussy when it comes to food (prawn incident aside) so I do try to keep their food a bit interesting. They will usually have biscuits in the morning and then either cat food or baked fish/tinned tuna (in spring water so it’s not salty!), and on Sundays I’ll try to make them some form of chicken because that’s their favourite.

I would say that we spoil them, but they will still eat normal cat food the rest of the time so I guess they’re just happy! It certainly keeps them energetic…


…but there’s always time for a snooze. The girls are still not quite feeling the need for human cuddles yet, but for now they have each other. We are determined to get those cuddles one day!




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