Birthdays: 1 (x3) Trips to the Vet: 1

On Friday, the 3 Ameowgos turned 1. After a week of tackling George’s intolerance to the previously well-received James Wellbeloved cat biscuits (suffice to say, I now see solid poops as a luxury), we settled down for some playtime with bubbles and a new spider toy.

At some point during the spider/bubble cat party, Betty suffered *something* (as yet unknown) which caused sudden “Anisocoria” or uneven pupil sizes.


Apparently this is fairly common for a number of different cat afflictions, so we got her an emergency vet appointment first thing on Saturday morning.

After no less than 25 minutes of sprinting around the flat trying to capture the poor thing, traumatising both her and the other 2 who we locked in the bedroom for the duration, Gaz was able to take her down to the clinic.

The vet gave her a physical examination and said that it could be a number of things, potentially neurological, such as a stroke or similar. So we are now advised to keep a close eye on her and report any changes in appetite, behaviour, personality etc.

HOWEVER, I’m pleased to say that after spending most of yesterday afternoon asleep, Betty was mostly ok and back to her usual self, playing tug of war and climbing all over the place. She ate a bit of salmon for dinner and biscuits for breakfast this morning before retiring under the TV for her usual mid-morning sleep.


In happier news, we’ve had a breakthrough with the George! He is now very nearly a lap cat. We are able to pick him up but not yet hold him, and he is quite happy to sit on the sofa or the bed for cuddles. He has also very much found his ‘spot’ and is well on his way to becoming a delightful little cuddlebug.


We have also employed a new playtime routine for the cats to tire them out before bed and also to encourage them to be a bit less afraid of us. This isn’t a problem for George but for Moo and Betty it has certainly made a difference. For anyone with cats in a flat, this is an excellent method to ensure you’re not woken up at 2am or 3am by little feet sprinting all over your furniture at 100mph.

I will usually get into bed about half an hour early, and then have the cats chase the feather wands all around he bed and over my legs. They have a wonderful time and are able to jump around and use up lots of energy, with very little effort from my side. This has the added benefit of the cats being on your lap without them realising… sneaky bonding. You will end up with fur on your duvet, so I recommend having a blanket or similar that you can put over while they are playing so you don’t end up with hair matted into your bedcovers…


Moo will now tolerate (and I do mean TOLERATE) small amounts of stroking on her paws and tail when she is in her little hammock. Nowhere else. At all. And if you overstay your welcome you will get a slap – but this is still progress so I’ll take it. Also, her slaps are adorable and very ladylike.

Moo and Betty have been almost inseparable since arriving, so we’re hoping that as one of them gains a little more confidence, the other will follow. They have a very special bond and if Betty ‘goes missing’ (as she sometimes does – because she’s black so if she’s asleep in a shadowy bit of the room, you cannot see her) Moo will wander around mewing until she finds her. It is equal parts pathetic and adorable.

So that’s where we are. Day 73, we’ve had our first trip to the vet, our first birthday and still no cuddles from the girls. But we will persevere.



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    1. Ours adore both their cat trees – the mini one is all but shredded and the tall one is only shredded at the bottom, the tops are still fine! We do have to keep tightening it up though. George has a habit of rugby-tackling everything he runs at…


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