Day 242: Lilies and Lapcats

Yes, it has been a while since our last update. This is partly down to laziness on my side, and also having a mass of cat on my lap which prohibits typing (more on that in a moment).


I’m pleased to say that in the weeks following Betty’s Great Escape, a number of things have happened:

  1. George became a fully-fledged lapcat. To the point that I can now go for 5 or 6 hours at a time (usually on a Sunday) with him not shifting from my lap. He also loves helping me work from home on Wednesdays.


2. All 3 cats had the excitement of an overnight trip to the vet because SOMEONE *cough definitely Moo cough* decided to bite a lily which we carelessly left on the table. Although it was only a tiny nip on one of the leaves, we didn’t take any risks and tried to get them to the vet as soon as possible. Of course this meant we were faced with having to get all 3 cats into carriers. George and Moo were fairly easy, but Betty – as ever – proved to be a challenge.

After an afternoon of employing every trick I could think of, in the end I opted for the humane automatic trap which we used to trap her from the garden. She was grumpy, but we managed it.


On their return, each cat had some interesting shaved patches and Moo even had a fancy pink sparkly sock because she refused to stay still while the vet did blood tests. All 3 were given the all-clear, and it had another surprising effect…

3. All 3 cats are now strokeable, and Betty is very nearly at lapcat stage like her brother! Moo is still a little way behind, and unfortunately doesn’t seem able to purr like her siblings… but she will still headbutt your hand and rub round your legs at feeding time.

We are also doing more outdoor trips, and the back yard has been netted over to create a safer enclosed area for them to prevent another 2-week saga.


With the cold weather setting in, we are looking forward to having 3 cuddly winter cats and celebrating Christmas! I’m being ambitious (stupid) and am powering ahead with a Christmas tree, but have only bought unbreakable baubles so the cats can bat them around and not hurt themselves. We’re hoping George might even fit a little Santa suit…



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